Intermediate Toddler

Ages:  24 – 36 months

Goals:  To provide a loving, caring and safe environment where caregivers encourage and interact with toddlers as they learn about the world around them.

Curriculum:  Our Intermediate Toddler program is a play-based program that focuses on the following developmental areas:  physical, emotional/social, sensory and cognitive.  Toddlers learn through their own experiences using trial and error, repetition, imitation and identification.  Our caregivers use interactive strategies to support children’s growth and learning.  We believe that children learn best through play – direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects and events.  Toddlers are encouraged to discover the world around them by exploring and playing.  Caregivers are always nearby to offer support as children play and learn.  Each classroom is arranged around specific types of play such as:  housekeeping, dramatic play, block area, art, small toys, movement, sand table, and music. 

By providing a flexible, yet predictable daily routine, the children are given a sense of control over the events of the day.  For example, group time might always follow snack time which, in turn, is always followed by choice time and so on.  Structuring the program around a regular routine enables the caregivers to build trust and autonomy in the children.

Sensory development is encouraged through activities such as touching differently textured items, tasting new foods, hearing and making new sounds, etc.  Physical development is encouraged through gross and fine motor activities, as well as encouraging healthy diets and providing adequate times for rest.  Emotional/social development is encouraged through interacting with the children and providing a safe and secure environment.  Cognitive development is encouraged through activities such as group time where caregivers read to the children and lead them in songs, fingerplays and rhymes, as well as discussing the theme of the day and other relevant topics.

We are pleased to provide a safe and loving environment for your child and look forward to sharing this rewarding time with you and your family,