Young Toddler

Ages:  12 –24 months

Goals:  To provide a loving, caring and safe environment where caregivers, through activities such as feeding, play and music, encourage and interact with toddlers as they learn about the world around them.

Curriculum:  Loving caregivers and dependable routines are a young toddler’s curriculum.  Our young toddler program focuses on the following developmental areas:  Physical, emotional, social, sensory and cognitive.  Toddlers learn through their own experiences using trial and error, repetition, imitation and identification.  Our caregivers guide and encourage this learning by ensuring that the environment is both safe and emotionally supportive.  We encourage language development by speaking with the children and not at them, naming objects, describing events and reflecting feelings.  Sensory development is encouraged through touching new things such as shaving cream, ice cubes and sand, as well as seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting various objects.  Physical development is encouraged through both gross and fine motor activities.   Social development is encouraged through group activities such as songs, stories, games and mealtimes.  And finally, cognitive development is encouraged through stories, songs and numerous opportunities for trial and error.

Some of the milestones and accomplishments of the young toddler are:

  •           Walks alone
  •           Sits down voluntarily
  •           Obeys simple requests
  •           Playful imitation
  •           Runs stiffly
  •           Places objects in a cup or pail
  •           Builds tower of 2 or more blocks
  •           Finger feeds self
  •           Walks up/down stairs
  •           Uses crayons, etc.
  •           Helps dress/undress self
We are delighted to provide a loving, caring and safe environment for your child and look forward to sharing this rewarding and exciting time with you and your family.